RC (Remote Controlled Grab)

Nowadays, the Radio Remote Controlled Grab is the most desired supplement to any general cargo crane. Especially for efficient material handling in the maritime sector with Ship Cranes, Offshore Cranes, Floating Pontoons and Barge Cranes or Port Equipment, the single rope remote controlled grab increasingly became the prefered type!RC Grab The RC Grab is actuated by remote control and the speed of unloading in mid-air can also be controlled and interrupted several times. Therefore, goods can be unloaded in a controlled manner and reduced dust emission if required.

To operate this grab, no additional power supply or staff is required. Equipped with high-power and high charging capacity batteries, a constant use of the grab is ensured.

tilt angle

Remote controlled grabs close both in the air and on the material with their own weights. Thus, an advantage of our new design is: it allows grabs to work at a 60° tilt angle when on the bulk material.