Diesel Grabs (motorised)

The handling performance and working height advantage of the Diesel Grab is similar to the Electro-Hydraulic grab. At some environments and special case jobs, the Diesel Motor Grab prefered for good reasons. The Diesel Grab does not require crane accessories, any power supply, cable reel or control panel. It can be operated on any crane and by remote control. Please contact us directly or through your local contact for more information.

Hoppers (bunkers)

The hopper from Cromex is a solution to fulfill all needs for the efficient handling of dry bulk cargo. Unloading with traveling hoppers has the advantage of becoming flexible and increase future capacity of terminals with larger vessels. Cromex hoppers are designed to be economical and ecologically sensitive.

Digging Buckets / Backhoe Buckets

High quality and heavy duty Digging / Backhoe Buckets manufactured are available to all your excavation machinery. Buckets can be executed with a flat knife, with a delta knife and various models and numbers of interchangeable bucket teeth or ripper tips.


All information concerning spares for products purchased from us, is stored in relation to their serial numbers. Spares like pins, bushes, sheaves, connection links, filters, ropes & sockets are usually available on stock or take a few days to manufacture. Please contact us directly or through your local contact for spares.