We offer a range of grab types, designed, developed and manufactured with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 50 cubic meters (17.6 to 176 cubic foot) to cover your bulk cargo handling requirements. Our grabs are used to handle wide range of commodities in the dry Bulk Cargo-, Dredging- and Recycling Industries with efficiency. Design (shape) and Operating system are the two main variables, and details such as environmental conditions, capacities, density & properties of the comoditiy to be handled are other variables, which leads to the best tailormade grab. On demand our grabs come equipped with removable spillplates (kickplates), sealed motors for submerged jobs, and any other design or manufacturing material, allowing the handling at different environmental conditions, shapes or densities as required. The grabs are suitable for many commodities from coal to pet coke, grains to aggregates and iron ore to HBI steel.


RC (Remote Controlled Grab)

Nowadays, the Radio Remote Controlled Grab is the most desired supplement to any general cargo crane. Especially for efficient material handling in the maritime sector with Ship Cranes, Offshore Cranes, Floating Pontoons and Barge Cranes or Port Equipment, the single rope remote controlled grab increasingly became the prefered type! The RC Grab is actuated by remote control and the speed of unloading in mid-air can also be controlled and interrupted several times. Therefore, the goods can be unloaded in a controlled manner. -more detail-


EH (Electro-Hydraulic Grab)

Electro-Hydraulic Motor Grabs are specially designed to handle bulk materials with single-rope cranes and require a power supply from the crane. The handling performance of electro-hydraulic grabs, is depending on the supplied electric power, converted by hydraulic pumps on the grab. The optimum required filling degree for different materials to be handled is reached by high closing forces. -more detail-


HA (Hydraulic Attachment Grab)

Hydraulic grabs are specially designed for charging and discharging of bulk materials on cranes with hydraulic system. They are available with open or closed shells/tines depending on the job and the type of material to be handled. Manufactured of high wear resistant steel, all bearings are heavy-duty and sealed for high performance. Cromex Hydraulic Grabs are manufactured with a 360° hydraulic rotor as standard. We manufacture attachments of your choice to fit almost all available cranes in the market. -more detail-


MC (Mechanical Grab)

The Single Rope Grab, also called Touch-Down Grab, is especially designed for cranes (like ship board cranes) with a single cable drive. A mechanism on the grab, locks/unlocks the grab to open or close each time it touches the ground. This system is mostly prefered, if there is only one cable available. -more detail-

The Hand-Tripped Grab (Hand-Pull) has a mechanism, which has one rope for lifting/lowering the grab from the crane and one rope to open the grab manually (pulled by hand) by an additional operator on the ground, pulling it at discharge destination (mid-air opening). -more detail-

The advantages of a Two-Rope Grab or Four-Rope Grab on respectively Two Line (one holding and one closing) or Four Line (two holding and two closing) operated cranes, are: (1) control of the mechanism is simple and dependant on crane speed, (2) possibility of false engagement of the mechanism is practically excluded, (3) possibility to close or open the grab in full crane speed without previous stopping, (4) optimum balance between dead weight and crane capacity provides maximum efficiency with low maintenance effort. -more detail-